Implementation of atl platform at Bełchatów WWTP


The implementation of the atl platform at WWTP has just finished. The platform optimizes the process of aeration of wastewater.

It’s an intelligent, self-learning solution that verifies on-line different parameters of the wastewater treatment process and control the proper technological equipment.

At the moment, the installation has the following functionalities:

  • Dynamic definition of oxygen set point based on the lectures of the ammonium at outlet of the bioreactor and the control of the proper air generation for the process,
  • Dynamic definition of the pressure set point in the main air collector and the optimal control of blowers and air dumpers,
  • Control of the internal sludge recirculation based on the lecture of nitrates,
  • Definition of the wastewater aeration strategy depending on the changes in electricity prices during the day.


The implementation of this solution was made in a very short time (6 weeks from signing the contract). First positive results of atl platform performance can be already seen.


The WWTP In Bełchatów is the plant managed by Water and  Wastewater Company from Bełchatów (Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji „WOD.-KAN.” Sp. z o.o. w Bełchatowie). The plant has a mechanical—biological treatment process with the active sludge technology. The average designed wastewater flowrate is 13.000 m3/day.

More information about the plant can be found here: