About atl platform in Sosnowiec in water industry magazine


We are pleased to inform that the implementation and performance of the alt platform to optimize the work of biological reactors has been described in the latest number of water industry magazine “Kierunek Wod-Kan”.

The article was written by employees of RPWiK Sosnowiec (Water and Sewage Company from Sosnowiec) – Mrs Sabina Bąk and Mr Dariusz Matwin and describes the modernization of WWTP Radocha II made during last years in order to improve the energy efficiency of the plant. One of the tasks was the implementation of atl_Radocha II platform, which generated 18% of savings in electricity consumption for aeration of biological reactors (annual savings represent around 34 700 euro) and assured a better control of the process in each reactor.


We invite you to read the article in the magazine “Kierunek Wod-Kan” (number 4/2016). It is available also on the magazine web site (only in Polish):,efektywniej-i-z-radocha-czyli-o-tym-jak-oszczedzaja-energie-na-oczyszczalni-sciekow-w-sosnowcu,page,0.html