Our partners

JML Funeris is the exclusive distributor and partner of Kalfrisa on the Polish market and on market of neighboring countries. We are proud that we have the opportunity to work with such an experienced partner.

Company KALFRISA S.A. was established in 1965 by the merger of companies Talleres de Caldereria Claver Pros and José de Talleres de FABRICACION Cocinas Izuzquiza Arana SA. Purchased 53% of the German owner since 2005,company became a wholly owned by Aragon families and company founder. This event was the beginning of a new stage of improvements and enhancement solutions offered by Kalfrisa – expanding activities at the international level, due to the use of new technologies. In February 2009, the Company purchased Saunier Duval Setri Espanola SA, a manufacturer of furnaces for the combustion of wastes from Barcelona. This allow for expansion of product range and create Kalfrisa leader in this sector.

At the present the main activity of the Kalfrisa company is mainly design, manufacture, supply, commissioning and warranty and after-sales operations for cremation installations, recycling energy and environmental protection. All this is done using its own technology. The most important products are: cremation furnace, heat exchanger, air heating, eliminating organic flying particles and filtration systems.